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What warranties do i have for my shipments?

As a shipping company, FastShip offers various types of warranties and guarantees for your shipments, including:

  1. Guaranteed delivery time: FastShip guarantees that your shipment will be delivered within a specified timeframe. If we fail to meet this deadline, we will refund your shipping fees or provide a credit towards your next shipment.
  2. Shipment insurance: We offer shipping insurance to protect your shipment against loss or damage. If your shipment is lost or damaged during transit, we will reimburse you for the declared value of the shipment.
  3. Packaging requirements: To ensure that your shipment is protected during transit, we have specific packaging requirements that must be met. If your shipment is damaged due to inadequate packaging, we may not be able to honor your insurance claim.
  4. Tracking and visibility: FastShip provides real-time tracking and visibility for your shipments. You can track your shipment at any time using our online tracking tool, and you will receive updates throughout the transit process.

Please note that the specific warranties and guarantees available may vary depending on the type of shipment, destination, and other factors. For more information, please contact FastShip customer service.

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